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Grains, Hops, Yeasts.

We carry some of the most popular grains you will need to craft your own special brew.

2 Row,

Pale Malt

Bow Valley Select

Maris Otter

Pilsen Malt

Munich Malt

Vienna Malt

Wheat Malt

Dextrine malt,

Biscuit or Victory Malt

Crystal 15, 40, 60, 75, 120

Flaked Oats

Flaked Corn

Flaked Wheat

Chocolate Malt,

Roasted Barley

DME Pale Malt

Use our mill to crush your grain bill.

$74.95 - $78.95

Blonde Lager

Pale Ale

Continental Pilsner

West Coast IPA

Red Ale

Brown Ale

Cream Ale

Double Oatmeal Stout

New England IPA

Czech Pils

Yeasts and Hop Pellets


US 05 American

S-04 English

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